XLpower - Motor 3215-920KV - 6S

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XL38M01 - XLpower Motor

XLpower - Motor 3215-920KV - 6S

Stator Diameter:32mm
Stator Thickness:15mm
Stator Arms:12
Stator Poles:10
Motor Wire :0.38 mm
Motor KV:920kv
No-Load Current (lo/10v): 1.4A
Motor Resistance (RM): 46.6mΩ
Max Continuous Current : 60A
Max Continuous Power: 1332W
Weight: 138 g
Gear Shaft length: 22mm
Outside Diameter: 40.3mm
Shaft Diameter : 5 mm
Body Length: 34.8mm
Overall Shaft Length: 56.6mm
Max Peak Current :78A (2 seconds)
Max peak Power : 1716W (2 seconds)
Motor Timing : 5deg to 15deg
Max lipo cell: 6s


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