Bonka Lipo Akku 750mAh 11,1V 100C/200C

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Bonka Lipo Akku 750mAh 11,1V 100C/200C XT30

For Goosky S2 Legend / OMP Hobby M2 Evo

Technical data:

-voltage : 11,1V 
-Capacity : 750mAh
-Weight : approx 69g
-Dimensions:24 x 24,5 x 60mm
-configuration 3S1P
-max continuous load 100C = 75A
-short term load 200C = 150A
-balancer connection : JST-XH 
-AWG14 connection cable - flexible silicone cable
-protected cell bottom
-charge 5C = 3,75A when you need it fast
-(our charging recommendation 1C = 0,75A)
-delivered with XT30 connector 


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