XLpower - Prôtos 380 V2 - Kit - Red

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XLpower - Prôtos 380 V2 - Kit without Mainlblades.

XL380V2 include new frame (XL38B11). Metal tail pitch (MSH41168). Rigid tail blades (MSH 41181-1). Fiber glas canopy.


New servo layout for easier maintenance

1,5mm full carbon frame

Metal servo frame

Fit for Protos Original canopy you need 2x MSH 41182 and MSH 41197

Much mor solid tail



Main Blade Length: 325-380mm

Tail Blade Length: 68mm

Length: 785mm

Height: 235mm

Width: 110mm

Main Gear: 120T

Tail Gear: 22T

Auto Gear: 94T

Tail Drive Gear Ratio: 4,27

Suggest Max Battery Dimensions: 115x40x35mm

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