XLpower - MSH Prôtos 380 V2 Red

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XLpower - MSH Prôtos 380 V2 Kit Red

Protos 380 Std. V2 include new frame (MSH41233), Rigid tai blades (MSH41181-1). For the different from 380 EVO is only tailboom and canopy.

New servo layout for easier maintenance

1,5mm full carbon frame

Metal servo frame


  • Lenght without Blades: 800mm
  • Height: 235mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Main Blade size: from 325mm - 380mm (not included)
  • Tailblade size: 68mm
  • Main Gear: 120T
  • Tail Pinion: 22T
  • Autorotations Gear: 94T
  • Main to Tail Gear Ratio: 4,27
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