Goosky S2 green/yellow - BNF version

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Goosky S2 green/yellow - BNF version

The S2 is a microheli that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality,
performance and user-friendliness. A minimum of components is achieved 
through the direct drive of the main and tail rotors using brushless motors.
The two-part canopy makes it possible to change the drive battery very quickly and conveniently.
The power of the main and rear engines is far more than sufficient. 
An absolute special feature is the enormously stable tailrotor. 
The control/regulation unit and design of the rear engine are perfectly matched. 
This is where the Goosky S2 clearly stands out from its competitors.
Very stiff main rotor blades, backlash-free linkage and enormously high-quality servos 
make the control feel so precise that the heli feels much larger than it is.
Depending on the setting, even figures from the F3C program are no problem for the small S2 
(there should of course be little wind for this).
The setting of the integrated FBL system and motor controller is very easy 
to do using a mobile phone app. All parameters can be set easily via Bluetooth communication 
with a mobile phone.
The control unit can process protocols from transmitters with S-FHSS directly, 
so that no external receiver is necessary. 
In order to be able to use all other transmitters, a PPM, S-Bus receiver or DSMX 
must currently be connected to the control unit. 
In any case, you can always operate the S2 with your own transmitter that you are used to.
Technical specifications:
Length: 436mm
Height: 144mm
Main rotor diameter: 440mm
Tail rotor diameter: 78mm
Length of main rotor blades: 193mm
Flight battery: 11.1V, 750mAh, 45C
Take-off weight: approx. 345 grams

Scope of delivery:

1x fully assembled heli
1x flight battery
1x Bluetooth module
1x transport box
1x leaf caddy
1x spare parts package with 1x main shaft, 1x spindle shaft,
     Servo arms, various screws and cable ties

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