AXE Rossi Glow Plug STD R5 - very cold

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AXE Rossi Glow Plug STD R5 - very cold

Product information:

High-quality glow plugs for almost all nitromethane operated internal combusition gngines with a very long service life and an optimal burning pattern. The candle thread is cut clearly and precisely and the candle has a very close fit to the combustion chamber. 

If you value maximum safety and excellent ignition properties, then you should definitely test the candles from the Axe Rossi forge.

What temperature for what?

The more ccm / cubic capacity - the colder the candle should be

The more nitro in the fuel - the colder the candle should be 

The higher the outside / air temperature - the colder the candle should be

The more compression / compression the engine has - the colder the candle should be

Clues about the outside air temperature in relation to the candle:

Very hot days over 33° C - ultra cold candle

Hot days over 26°C  - ultra/extra cold candle

Warm days between 20°C & 25°C - cold/very cold candle

Mild / normal days between 11°c & 19°C - medium / cold candel

Cold days between 0°C & 10°C - hot/medium candle

Very cold days below 0°C - hot candle 


Suitabel for: Engines with standard combustion chamber

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