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The PHECDA E680 from RVE is a helicopter for rotor blades with a maximum length of 680mm.

The RVE kits are characterized by the highest quality and the lowest take-off weight. 
Based on the experience with F3C helicopters, RVE has now developed a 3D helicopter with 
outstanding flight precision. 
Due to the very low take-off weight, the Phecda is a perfect low-rpm helicopter for relaxed, 
soft 3D flying. 
But already at just 1800 rpm on the head the Phecda marches through all figures, 
as is otherwise possible with most helicopters only at significantly higher speeds. 
The high rear speed also makes a very important contribution to perfect performance at low speeds.


Technical specifications:

- Length: 1238mm (without main and tail blades)

- Height: 328mm

- Width: 176mm

- Main rotor diameter: approx. 1489mm (with 670mm blades)

- Rotor blade lengths: from 600mm to 680mm (recommended 650mm - 670mm)

- Tail rotor diameter: approx. 225mm (with 92mm blades)

- Tail rotor blades: 90mm to 95mm (92mm recommended)

- Gear ratio: 8.72: 1: 4.89 with 11T motor pinion. (optionally available 10T, 12T, 13T motor pinion)

- Take-off weight: With 6S-5300mAh, 4030Motor approx. 3520g

- Recommended motor: 4030 with 6mm motor shaft. (suitable motor sizes 4025, 4030, 4035, 4225, 
  4525, 4526)

- Recommended motor speed: for 6S - 900KV to 1100KV. For 12S - 450KV to 540KV.

- Recommended controller size: With 6S - 120A +. At 12S - 100A +

- Recommended battery sizes: At 6S - 4200mAh to 6000mAh. At 12S - 2600mAh to 4200mAh.

Scope of delivery:

The kit contains all the parts to assemble the mechanics and the painted fiberglass canopy.

! Controller, motor, servos, FBL system, remote control, battery as well as main and tail blades are 
NOT included in the scope of delivery!

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