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Abmessungen:36mm x 28.5mm x 15mm (LxBxH) / 18g

Anwendung:Alle Heligrössen, Elektro, Verbrenner und Turbine

Empfänger Signale:PPM / Futaba S-Bus / Dual Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX Anschlüsse / PWM Empfänger

Taumelscheibenservos:Analog and Digital 1520uS + 760µs

Heckservos: 1520µs / 760µs - bis zu 560hz

Betriebsspannung:3.6 – 8.4V



With the aim to build the best flybarless system at affordable price, MAXX flybarless unit is designed with most advanced MCU gyro and 6-axis sensors to deliver best performance and full features at the price everyone can afford.  Designed by a team of pilots with years of experience and tested by best pilots in the world, this MAXX flybarless system not only brings affordable flybarless units but also the most innovative product to the market.

Vibration Resistant :

MAXX Flybarless System uses newest technology sensors with high sample, high resolution and low thermal offset drift. The flybarless unit is very vibration resistant and very stable in flight for any size of helicopter.

Simplified Setup:

Easy setup with MAXX Software. Customers can use mLink port for connection to MAXX setupcard and MAXX ecosystem in the future.

MAXX flybarless system brings a feeling of good flying with the default setup, reducing the first setup time. Especially the new tail control algorithm offers good tail control with default  setup on all helicopter kits.

Ability to change tail gain on the transmiiter (CH5) and on MAXX software.

Advance Setup:

Ability to customize Cyclic, Tail PID gain  according to more flight styles and  mechanical difference of each helicopter.

DSM2/DSMX  Satellite, S-Bus Ready , PWM receiver and PPM receiver .

Offering the convenience of satellite technology, the  MAXX flybarless  supports Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX satellite receivers,  S-Bus technology via Futaba

Dual Satellite Port:

The MAXX flybarless has Dual Satellite Port  providing more reliability for large helicopters and long range flights, ability to BIND by MAXX software

Built-in Electric and Nitro Governor:

MAXX  active  throtle compensation is calculated according to cyclic, collective, tail, RPM and other status of Flybarless units.  It offers very stability in RPM and more powerful, more efficiency compared to other governors.

Nitro Governor: MAXX flybarless supports Governor for Nitro Helicoper, using magnetic RPM sensor connect to RPM in pin of unit. Minimum 7 chanels on transmitter is required for Nitro Governor. The throtle chanel is set up to V-shape for fast respone.  RPM is decided by CH7 (AUX2) channels on TX, max value 1920us for max Rpm setting and not decided by throttle chanel

Electric Governor: Use RPM wire output of Esc or RPM sensor connect to RPM input pin . Minimum 6 chanel  transmitter is required for electric governor

Event Logging  and High sample rate  Vibration logging:

The memory of unit stores data of 5 last flights.

Event logging: Time of Radio signal, motor run/stop , BEC voltage drop

Vibration logging : Ability to review the vibration level when flying by graph form on the MAXX software

AutoTrim Piro:

No more manual adjust for swashplate.  With MAXX flybarless, there is no need to spend a lot of time to balance the swashplate.  The software can detect unbalance of swashplate in piro hover flight and autotrim the swashplate.

Push button on the MAXX flybarless before flight

Take off and do a fast tail rate piro hover more than 10s. Land and push the button on the MAXX flybarless again; it will save the new swash trim value.


Rescue mode is activated when the helicopter tilt angle is over 25 degrees with ground and have event Gyro gain (CH5) value drops from high to below centre value (1520us). The helicoper will  automatically flip back then automatically increase the height. Within 3 seconds the rescue mode will exit.

With advance accelerator sensors our MAXX flybarless system has the most accurate calculation for most accurate rescue.  This saves a lot of crashes and a great tool for beginners to learn to fly.

Example:  CH5 on Tx is 35% for flight, so you should be set CH5 on Tx is -35% (or 35% normal mode, not AVCS) for rescue mode , reaction of the tail will not change.

Drop Radio Signal Indicator:

The LED light on the MAXX unit will blink if detecting more than 50ms radio signal loss.  This can be viewed in table Logger in the MAXX software.

Bec Drop Detector:

Nowadays, servos are very strong and getting stronger, many crashes are due to weak BEC or bad connection.  With MAXX flybarless, there is no more worries about this.  Introducing an innovative feature: BEC Drop Dectector that helps prevent many crashes.  MAXX flybarless keeps reading voltage of BEC continuously before and during flight, if BEC is weak and voltage drops over 0.5V, the red LED on MAXX flybarless unit will double flashed to inform pilot the problem.  The problems are also logged and viewed in table logger in MAXX software for reference.


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