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Maxx FBL Programmierbox - zum Einstellen ohne PC

Full configuration for MAXX Flybarless without a computer

  1. Battery meter: 2 -6s battery voltage meter of the cell and total voltage.
  2. Rx signal monitor: checking Rc channel value of the 7 channels, checking the center of transmitter.
  3. Heli configuration:  Heli size, flying style, receiver type, DSM satellite Bind, resuce function,  safety threshold of the BEC, sensor mount type…
  4. Cyclic configuration: Swashplate type config, swashplate Trim, servo type, servo Trim, servo reverse,
  5. Cyclic tunning: Limit, cyclic gain, separate aileron gain and elevator gain setting, agiity, roll/flip rate, advance PID gain, RC deadbank, Eleprecom, paddleSim, expo, change value of three banks..
  6. Collective configuration: Pitch travel +/-,  direction, pitch pump
  7. Tail configuration: Servo type, servo reverse, tail travel, tai servo Trim, tai balancer for 2-ways tail rotation brake, tail rotation rate, tail acceleration  , tail stop, show the tail gain from Tx, tail precom ( by collective pitch, cyclic), tail PID advacne gain tunning.
  8. Governor configuration:  governor enable/disable, governor  type (Gas nitro/ electrics), 10-step gain, Max-min of Throttle, start throttle for Maxx softstarter, scrollup speed for softstarter, gear ratio configuration, poles, Bailout, Idling bailout, set Rpm value of three banks.

    Extensive functionality:
    Ability to configurate 760us swashplate type servos

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